Empower Your Employees to Manage Their Substance Use

Personalized substance abuse treatment and training for employees to deliver the best outcomes and reduce healthcare spend.

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Quit Genius is the world’s first digital clinic for multiple substance use disorders

Addiction rates are at crisis levels in the U.S. But early intervention reduces healthcare costs and saves lives.

Addiction is a chronic disease that requires treatment to manage. People don’t choose to have a substance use disorder any more than they choose to have heart disease.


Americans had a substance use disorder in 2020, but only 10% seek treatment

>1 in 4

remote workers reported going to work impaired by drugs or alcohol in 2020


of those that experience mental illness also experience substance use disorder, and vice versa

The cost of substance use disorders

Employees with a substance use disorder cost on average three times more in excess medical spend and safety-related costs than those without a disorder. Multiple substance use disorders are extremely common, further driving healthcare costs.

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Human care enabled by cutting-edge technology

Quit Genius delivers a comprehensive and personalized Medication-Assisted Treatment program to help employees with substance use disorders access evidence-based care wherever they are.

Physician-led clinical care

Quit Genius Rx

Remote monitoring

Accredited Drug & Alcohol Counselors

Clinical portal

Social support

Digital CBT journey

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Superior enrollment, engagement and ROI

Quit Genius will put fees at risk if we do not achieve our performance guarantees

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Simplified Benefit Implementation

Quit Genius’ turnkey member enrollment experience wins accolades from employers for innovative marketing strategies and consistently high utilization.

Quit Genius delivered on their promise for a seamless implementation process and fantastic member engagement.

Joyce Greggs, Manager for Health Plans and Compliance
Vitality logo

We’re pleased to be working closely with our colleagues at Quit Genius, who have developed an extremely compelling digital experience to help people quit smoking. We are seeing consistently high engagement amongst our members, with quit rates at over 50%. Quit Genius has made the implementation of the programme simple, with a strategic and customer-focussed approach to helping people make healthier choices.

Dr. Ali Hasan Chief Medical & Healthcare Officer, Vitality
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Quit Genius offers an innovative digital solution to help people quit addictions. The implementation process with Quit Genius was straightforward and simple. Their team was very responsive and great to communicate with. I would recommend working with Quit Genius.

Annie Brown, Head of Product Marketing & Engagement, Oscar Health

The most trusted and secure digital clinic for addictions

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Workplace safety

Drug and alcohol use cause more than 65% of on the job accidents. Learn more about employer strategies to combat addiction in your organization to improve workplace safety.

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Industry leading clinical outcomes. Proven by science.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is proven. Quit Genius is the only digital program validated in 8 peer reviewed journals and a Randomized-Control Trial. Help your employees return to the best versions of themselves with personalized substance abuse treatment and training.


validated tobacco quit rate


abstinent or drinking below safe limit


negative opioid tests


greater likelihood of quitting over the course of 1 year with Quit Genius over other programs


validated tobacco quit rate


abstinent or drinking below safe limit


negative opioid tests


greater likelihood of quitting over the course of 1 year with Quit Genius over other programs


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See how Quit Genius can help your organization save on healthcare costs and improve the lives of your employees.

Simple and seamless integration


We play nice with your existing ecosystem with dozens of integrations including billing through medical claims, your PBM or your existing digital health ecosystem.


A tailored multi-channel outreach campaign designed to de-stigmatize addiction and encourage enrollment in your population.


Each member receives a holistic and personalized care plan specific for their addiction or combination of addictions.


Transparent monthly reporting to help employers track engagement, clinical outcomes and ROI.


Personalized relapse prevention including medication adherence and coaching, to ensure sustained behavior change.

Award-winning impact

UCSF Digital Health Hub
2019 Finalist
PBGH Innovation Summit Winner 2020
NBGH Health Innovation
World Health Organization
CB Insights Digital Health 150 2021
Shortlister Top Vendor Q1 2022

Recovery should be celebrated

I would drink to blackout. That was the destination I was aiming for. At the point I went into recovery, I despised myself – if someone could have killed me, that would be the best thing.

The critical thing I’ve learned is how to understand what I’m feeling and express that to people.

John, Hedge Fund Manager

Quit Genius Tobacco Program Member

My girlfriend had noticed how much I’m coughing these days, and my mom asked me to quit when she had cancer.

We do a regular walk and I used to have to stop halfway up the hill. It was embarrassing. Now I’m fine. I’ve even taken up running. My step-daughter is impressed, I’m really proud of myself.

Tony, Chef

Quit Genius Tobacco Program Member

My son was having mental health issues and when we took him to seek help, the professional told me that my addiction was the cause. That was the moment for me.

I’m happy to say that I’ve started to rebuild my relationship with my kid.

Damon, Public Transportation

Quit Genius Program Member