The Program

A personalised CBT program designed by world class experts and tested with real smokers.

Quitting smoking is a journey, and we’re with you every step of the way

4 Stage Program

Our program is split into bite-sized steps that take 5 minutes a day to complete, so can easily be integrated into any schedule!

Set your own quit date

Unlike other quit smoking programs, we don’t actually ask you to quit straight away. Instead, we focus on preparing you in the right way to set a quit date.

Evidence-based CBT

Everything we do is based on scientifically-proven research in smoking cessation. We use CBT to change the way you think and act, and mindfulness to help you overcome cravings. For those science boffins, find out more about our evidence-based approach here.

Preparing for your quit date

Stage 1 – Your smoking journey

The first stage is all about your smoking journey: past, present and future. You’ll explore the reasons you started smoking in the first place and start visualising a future without cigarettes.

Stage 2 – The beautiful mind

In this stage you’ll learn how nicotine really works, by looking at the effect it has on both body and mind. Then you’ll explore the hurdles you’re likely to face when quitting and how to overcome them.

Stage 3 – Addressing misconceptions

The third stage is all about breaking down any thinking errors or misconceptions that you may have fallen into. This will help us see smoking in a different light.

Stage 4 – Ready, set, action!

The final stage is focussed on changing your behaviours to prepare yourself in the right way before your quit date. It may feel daunting, but don’t worry, we’re with you every step of the way!

What you’ll learn


We have a huge variety of interactive exercises that help you take the correct steps to truly understanding yourself. This will help you change your thoughts and feelings, paving the way for you to quit smoking for good!


Cravings can be difficult to resist. Luckily, our coping toolbox contains mindfulness exercises that put your mind at ease. These soothing exercises help refocus your mind until the craving has passed.


Our programme helps you manage your responses to your feelings and triggers, putting you back into the driving seat and in control.

Personalised to you

Every smoker is different. This is why we take a truly personalised approach to quitting smoking. With each step, Quit Genius learns more about you and intelligently adapts your journey to suit you better. You’ll be given tailored tips and support plans to meet your own needs. In effect, your own personal pocket psychologist who you can call upon when you need!

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