Ella Barkans


Ella studied Human Nutrition at university after developing an interest in health promotion during her college years.

Whilst studying for her degree, she took part in a university-based internship and, together with a team of researchers, worked on a scientific paper that was later published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The research paper looked at the health benefits of adhering to Greek Orthodox fasting rituals, using a dataset collected from the monks who live on Mount Athos.

Following the internship, Ella had a far greater understanding of the impact of various lifestyle factors on health and longevity, and had developed a new-found passion for research.

On completing her degree, Ella was keen to expand her knowledge, both in terms of nutrition science and other public health-related fields. She took up writing, and now enjoys producing health-centred articles on a freelance basis.


If you want to contact Ella, you can reach her on ella@digithera.ai. Please note that she cannot give personal medical advice about quitting smoking or health via email. For personalised advice, download the Quit Genius app.

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