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Virtual treatment for alcohol use disorder in the workplace

Support your employees and help transform their lives by combating alcohol misuse

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Alcohol use disorder is a top driver for healthcare cost

Alcohol costs $12,301 per affected individual. Gaps in care mean that those at risk don’t get access to evidence-based treatment early.


On-the-job accidents caused by inebriation or hangovers are 5x more likely to injure someone


of emergency room patients injured at work have alcohol in their system

Three pillars to drive engagement

The Quit Genius program replaces legacy telephone coaching programs with a technology-enabled digital clinic designed to help members access evidence-based care wherever they are.

1. Addressing the stigma

  • Reduce stigma

  • Understand population challenges

  • Train management team

2. Engage early

  • Claims based outreach

  • Multi-channel member marketing

3. Access to care

  • Telemedicine appt booked quickly

  • Connect with Coaches and Counselors

Virtual medication-assisted treatment for alcohol use disorder

Quit Genius utilizes technology, medication and qualified professionals to treat the whole person. Here’s why it works.

Unlimited 1:1 psychological therapy

Quit Genius therapists are accredited IC&RC drug and alcohol counselors, available 24/7 through our mobile app, and here to support members through every step of their recovery journey.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) modules

Delivered via mobile app, these small audio sessions and physical exercises are tailored to the individual to help them manage their alcohol use.

Physician-led clinical care

Book a telehealth appointment with a Physician or Nurse Practitioner from the convenience of your own home.

Remote Monitoring

Alcohol breathalyzer device to read alcohol levels and help track your progress.

Quit Qenius Rx

Prescribed naltrexone discreetly mailed directly to your home.

See How Quit Genius Helps Members Reach their Alcohol Consumption Goals

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See how Quit Genius can help your organization save on healthcare costs and improve the lives of your employees.

Workplace safety

Drug and alcohol use at work cause more than 65% of on the job accidents. Learn more about employer strategies to combat alcohol use in the workplace and improve workplace safety.

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Recovery should be celebrated

I would drink to blackout. That was the destination I was aiming for. At the point I went into recovery, I despised myself – if someone could have killed me, that would be the best thing.

The critical thing I’ve learned is how to understand what I’m feeling and express that to people.

John, Hedge Fund Manager

Quit Genius Alcohol Program Member

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