Say hello to a healthier, happier and smoke-free workplace

Quit Genius helps you get the most out of your employees by increasing workplace productivity and reducing sick leave.

Smoking contributes to lost productivity, days off work and lower levels of performance


Average amount each smoker costs employers every year

136 hrs

136 hours lost productive time every year per employee from cigarette breaks

7 million

7 million extra sick days in the UK due to smoking

What you get

Inspire your workforce

We set up a personalised awareness campaign to inspire and engage your workforce, including emails, posters and webinars.

Evidence-based CBT programme

A mix of animated videos, audio sessions and interactive exercises that will change the way your employees think about smoking

Personalised therapy

One size does not fit all – every smoker is different. Quit Genius intelligently adapts to tailor their journey to their triggers and motivations for quitting.

Unlimited follow-up and support

We offer a comprehensive post-quit date support plan with regular check-ins and real-time insights to help users stay smoke free

Anytime, anywhere

Whether it’s during your commute or at home, we help users stay on-track

Personalised reports

We send our clients regular reports to help monitor progress and engagement every step of the way

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