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Quit Genius is the world’s first digital clinic for multiple substance use disorders

We deliver a comprehensive Medication-Assisted Treatment program to help individuals with tobacco, alcohol and opioid use disorders access evidence-based care wherever they are. Quit Genius has helped over 750,000 members improve their lives and manage their substance use. Join us on our mission to help 100 million more.

Why Quit Genius

Quit Genius is the only digital program for substance use that has been proven to work in 8 peer-Reviewed journals and a randomized controlled trial. We follow evidence-based practices and maintain the highest quality in our provider networks.

The best patient and provider experience

Our digital platform ensures a seamless patient and provider experience that enables world-class outcomes for patients.

Improved payer mix

Enjoy new referral sources, as Quit Genius continued to expand its service to employer groups and health plans nationwide.

Increased patient volume

Decrease no show rates and improve patient participation. Studies show that patients tend to enter and remain in treatment longer using teleheatlh.

Counselors to support treatment of MAT patients

Counselors act as your prescriber extenders for all non-medical patient issues allowing you to focus on clinical care. Quit Genius counselors provide highly trained guidance and support via email, phone and in-app messaging throughout the treatment journey.

Simplified administration

We handle all of the administration and billing so you can focus your time on delivering clinical care.

Flexible working & competitive reimbursement

Most consultations happen via video allowing providers to take calls anytime, anywhere. We provide competitive and rapid reimbursement as well as incentives. We offer both full-time and contract employment opportunities.

Offer patients a proven, effective path to success

We have a diverse and passionate community of providers that are committed to helping people live better lives. We are looking for:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Drug & Alcohol Counselors
  • Addiction Wellness Coaches

Physician-led clinical care

Accredited drug and alcohol counselors

Digital CBT Journey

Quit Genius Rx

Clinical Portal

Connected Devices

Improve Patient Satisfaction and Patient Referrals.
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With independent research published in leading peer-reviewed journals, the numbers speak for themselves.


lives improved and addictions quit


biochemically-verified quit rate at 28 days


reduction in alcohol use frequency within first 30 days of care

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