Empower Your Members To Live Addiction Free

Personalized, multi-modal substance use treatment integrated to deliver the best outcomes through meaningful engagement.


The first digital clinic for multiple addictions addressing tobacco, alcohol and opioid use.

The Gold Standard in Successful Addiction Treatment

Quit Genius helps your members return to the best versions of themselves, delivering outcomes that matter. Medication-Assisted Treatment is proven.


Tobacco quit rate

Members have a 52% verified tobacco quit rate at four weeks


Reduction in alcohol use frequency

Members see a 62% reduction in alcohol use frequency within first 30 days of care


Negative opioid tests

51% of participants in medication-assisted treatment report negative tests after 20 days

Our Clinical Care Model

Physician-led care

Our network of licensed physicians and nurse practitioners set a personalized care plan and licensed drug and alcohol counsellors deliver unlimited and personalized behavioral therapy via message, voice and video sessions.

Telemedicine appointments and review of medication options

Prescribing clinicians, licensed in the appropriate state, conduct telemedicine appointments via the Quit Genius app, review medication options and prescribe medication.

Medication management & fulfillment

Quit Genius Rx fulfills prescriptions directly to a member's home and can integrate directly with your pharmacy benefit manager.

Remote monitoring

Quit Genius provides remote devices, including breathalyzers and at home drug testing kits, to hold members accountable and ensure member safety.

Personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Members are delivered a curated set of CBT content based on their own triggers, which they complete on-demand and in between counseling sessions in the Quit Genius app.

Ongoing coach and clinician support

Unlimited coaching support and weekly calls with coaches and counselors help members stay on track with their goals. When appropriate clinicians can refer patients to health plan care teams and in-network providers.

Physician-led care
Medication management
Remote monitoring
Personalized CBT
Coaching & support

Quit Genius is the only digital program of its kind validated in 9 peer reviewed journals including a randomized-control trial.

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Data security and member privacy is our top priority

cost of addiction chart

The Real Cost of Addiction

In the U.S., Substance Use Disorders create a health equity gap that costs $232 billion in health care costs. This is amplified through member distraction and lost productivity in the workforce.


The Cost of Addiction

We address the three primary issues with traditional treatment

Less than 10% of people with substance use disorders get treatment.


88% of members that book an initial call, enroll in our program. They have a 5x greater likelihood of quitting over the course of 1 year with Quit Genius over other programs.


Our treatments are backed by performance guarantees with up to 100% of fees at risk. We design value-based contracting programs with claims based billing.


We utilize technology, medication and qualified professionals to treat the whole person from anywhere in the world on their own time - enabling success at a much higher rate than traditional approaches.

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Expertise that fits your EcoSystem

We partner with health plans to implement, launch and support Quit Genius across your membership – even in the most complex environments.

  • Sales support for your ASO
  • In-network provider
  • 360 degree member data
  • Member referral & escalation

Easy, turnkey implementation

Quit Genius’ turnkey member enrollment experience wins accolades from employers for innovative marketing strategies and consistently high utilization.

This is a completely new way of bringing addiction treatment to employees and we are excited to partner with Quit Genius to change how the system works while utilizing tech to better serve our members. Focusing on outcomes is the way all healthcare should be delivered. We are confident our members will get the best possible value-based care and will have improved quality of life as they go through the Quit Genius program.

Chris Gay, CEO | Evry Health

Quit Genius is featured on the Express Scripts Digital Health formulary, which offers rigorously evaluated solutions in combination with support from Express Scripts specialist pharmacists. We help health plans navigate today’s digital health solutions, delivering an average plan savings of more than $120,000 per digital solution in alleviating administrative burden alone.

Mark Bini, Chief Patient Experience Officer | Express Scripts

We’re pleased to be working closely with our colleagues at Quit Genius, who have developed an extremely compelling digital experience to help people quit smoking. We are seeing consistently high engagement amongst our members, with quit rates at over 50%. Quit Genius has made the implementation of the programme simple, with a strategic and customer-focussed approach to helping people make healthier choices.

Dr. Ali Hasan, Chief Medical & Healthcare Officer | Vitality

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