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A passionate team of doctors, who really care.

Real innovation occurs when doctors, technologists and designers work together

Digital Therapeutics (DigiThera) was founded by a small team of best friends and medical graduates at Imperial College London. The mission was simple; to leverage the great strides in mobile technology to tackle the one in four potentially avoidable deaths in the UK, by building fun and engaging evidence-based digital health interventions capable of modifying common risk factors, such as smoking, inactivity, alcohol and an unhealthy diet.

Smoking alone accounts for 100,000 deaths in the UK, but Quit Genius, which is the product of over two years of research working with smokers, academics and doctors, is just the start of the journey. The team recognise the need for innovative solutions, capable of delivering low-cost and highly scalable around-the-clock behavioural support to meet the demands of patients in the twenty-first century.

Our core values

Be open and honest

Being honest and transparent in everything we do harbors trust and faith. This applies from building products and carrying out research to dealings with our users. As doctors we know it is only through a strong foundation of trust and faith that something truly worthwhile can be built.

Build scalable solutions

Fundamental to our founding ideology is that healthcare innovations must be cost-effective and accessible by all. In the age of technology, many healthcare innovations fail on this metric, and so serve only to compound the problem of struggling healthcare systems.

Do more with less

Building Quit Genius whilst at medical school meant juggling lectures, shifts at A&E and exams. But this taught us the importance of being resourceful. We may lack the resources of big pharma, but we thrive on being agile, lean, and thinking of clever ways to do more with less.

Always be learning

Continuous learning has never been more important! Whether it’s studying trends, undertaking research or enrolling in MOOCs, the acquisition of new knowledge and skills is a big part of our culture.


At Digital Therapeutics, we aren’t just a team, we are a family. You can rely on family to pull you through every adversity and push you to every success. We use the word “we”, because we are stronger together.

Tackle meaningful problems

We don’t shy away from tackling the big problems. Our goal is to bring together smart creatives from different backgrounds and with different viewpoints, to find ingenious solutions to the world’s biggest healthcare challenges.

Be humble

We strive to stay humble because we realise everything is temporary. No matter how many successes one may achieve, there are and always will be challenges just around the corner. We stay ready, so we don’t have to get ready.

Our expert advisors

Prof. Jason Satterfield

Professor of Clinical Medicine and Director of Behavioral Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

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Dr. David Cox

Lecturer and public speaker on the science of mindfulness. Formerly Chief Medical Officer at Headspace.


Dr. Damien Marmion

Previously Chief Executive, Global Health at AXA. Managing Director, UK Insurance at BUPA.


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