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What is Quit Genius?

Quit Genius is an evidence-based, easy to access, app that provides smokers with the behavioural support they need to quit smoking. It has been designed by a team of senior medical students at Imperial College London they hope to help you quit smoking – for good!

What is the evidence behind Quit Genius?

Quit Genius has been designed and built using evidence-based research. Decades of research has shown that CBT does work and we have completed our own extensive research on how to build effective gamified apps for smoking cessation! Our aim is to maintain transparency with the scientific community and constantly build on our research, publishing everything we find in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Will I be able to use Quit Genius with medication / e-cigarettes?

Quit Genius can be used as a stand alone app and still be successful. But we know that the best way to quit is to use behavioural support alongside medication, so this app can also be used with any other technique you are using to quit smoking that could be patches, gum, e-cigarettes, you name it!

Who is Quit Genius suitable for?

Whether you are a long-term smoker or just a social smoker, if you want to quit smoking and you have a smartphone, Quit Genius could be for you! Quit Genius is designed to help you on your journey to quit and is the first app of it’s kind on the market so hopefully it is the solution you have been looking for!

Will my personal data I share be safe?

At Quit Genius we take data protection very seriously and will not be sharing any of your personal data with third parties. When you sign up, you’ll be asked to accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy which outlines which data will be collected and how it will be used and shared. As part of our effort to maintain scientific transparency, we may publish research using anonymised data in scientific journals.

I love it! What shall I do now?

We’re available on the App Store now so take us for a spin. Quit Genius is currently only available on iOS, but rest assured, we do have an Android app in the pipeline!

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