We’re helping millions quit smoking and vaping

Quit Genius has industry-leading quit rates and a proven track record to reduce costs associated with smoking.

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A new approach to smoking cessation

Quit Genius works directly with organisations and their partners to provide digital stop smoking services.

Remote carbon monoxide validation

Connected devices to monitor carbon monoxide levels and help members track progress.

Dedicated care team

Access to qualified Quit Coaches to help every step of the way, guiding members on their recovery journey.

Reporting & tracking

Reporting and tracking for members to see their progress and monthly service review meetings for organisations.

Industry-leading outcomes. Proven by science.

Quit Genius is dedicated to delivering safe and effective care for our members. Through rigorous research, we validate and refine our treatment approaches, leveraging outcomes of scientific inquiry to guide custom solutions for each individual who participates in our programs.


Partnering with companies, private insurers and local government organisations to offer an evidence-based smoking cessation digital programme.

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