Six Celebrities Who Might Just Persuade You To Quit Smoking

Celebrities. The larger than life personalities who we think we know, want to know, and want to get to know. We share their pain, rejoice in their accomplishments, and (viciously) defend their honour if naysayers have a crummy word to say against our idols (we’ve learnt the hard way not to mess with the Beyhive).

Ten of the Ultimate Quit-Smoking Tips

In the last year, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people quit smoking – so we know that no two journeys towards smoking cessation are the same. Of course, there are hundreds of tips and trick out there to help your own path to quitting become a success.

A Timeline of Benefits When You Quit Smoking

Let’s face it. Cigarettes don’t have much going for them. Like a bad relationship, they can affect so many aspects of your life and be seriously difficult to shake. But they’re bringing you down, and a break-up is, without a doubt, the best way forward.

Smoking During Pregnancy: Health Effects For You And Your Baby

Congratulations, you’re on a life-changing journey! You’ve just found out that you’re pregnant and suddenly have another human to look out for. You desperately want to do everything right, and ensure your baby is developing in the healthiest possible way. But unfortunately, despite knowing it’s super important, you haven’t quite managed to kick your habit […]

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