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Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) FAQs

Many smokers looking to quit wonder about Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) – does it help, how does it work, should they use it. There’s a lot of information out there about it, and lots of opinions, so I’ll summarise the most important bits here, and hopefully make it easier for you to decide!

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Quitting smoking and weight gain

Many smokers are worried about gaining weight once they stop smoking. But is gaining weight a given or are there other factors to keep in mind when thinking about what happens to your body weight once you stop smoking?

Although the average smoker has a lower body weight, it is crucial to understand that this derives from the bad effects smoking has on your body and is not an effective or healthy way to maintain this weight in the long run.

Understanding what effects smoking has on your body weight, and what changes after you finally quit smoking, is crucial in order to make sure that you keep to a healthy weight after quitting.

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Distraction Thursdays: Get exercising!

It’s Thursday once again! So let’s go through another way to distract yourself from cravings! Carrying on from last week’s post on getting moving, we’re now looking more specifically at exercise.

Even moderate intensity exercise helps reduce withdrawal symptoms. This is because it is associated with more activity in one type of receptor in your brain, which usually needs nicotine to be active. So basically, exercise takes up the place of nicotine

Moreover, moderate intensity exercising of 10 to over 15 minutes has also been shown to be very effective in reducing cravings, both in the moment, and for as long as 50 minutes afterwards!

So what does moderate intensity exercise actually mean? Here are some examples.

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Distraction Thursdays: Get moving!

It’s Thursday – time to think of distractions!

A great way to beat a craving is to physically do something. In other words, get moving. This can actually be traced back to the core principle of CBT – that thoughts, feelings and behaviour all influence each other. So if you do something (behaviour), this will influence what you think and how you feel!

Moving doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym and working out until you pass out from exhaustion – it’s much smaller things too. Here are some quick ideas, most of which you can try anywhere and at any time.

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Inside Quit Genius: Thinking Hard or Hardly Thinking?

It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning in Palo Alto, I wake up, head downstairs in my PJs and stick the kettle on.

Lucas (our CTO) finishes off his scrambled eggs and glances up at our analytics dashboard on the TV, “Were anyone of you guys testing the app last night?”.

Me and my two co-founders (Yusuf and Sarim) look at each other sheepishly “Not that I know of, why?”.

Our servers are in meltdown – what’s going on??”.

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