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Inside Quit Genius: Thinking Hard or Hardly Thinking?

It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning in Palo Alto, I wake up, head downstairs in my PJs and stick the kettle on.

Lucas (our CTO) finishes off his scrambled eggs and glances up at our analytics dashboard on the TV, “Were anyone of you guys testing the app last night?”.

Me and my two co-founders (Yusuf and Sarim) look at each other sheepishly “Not that I know of, why?”.

Our servers are in meltdown – what’s going on??”.

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3 Things To Do To Stay Smoke-Free

When you reach your quit date, your focus shifts from preparing for your quit date to staying smoke-free. You don’t want to go back to smoking – you want this change to be permanent and the best way to do this is to monitor your progress with Quit Genius’ check-in feature.

1. Check-ins are your friend

When your quit date arrives, the ➕ button at the bottom morphs from your smoking diary to a check-in where you can update your smoking status. If you’re still smoke-free, you’ll be able to track how long you haven’t smoked for with your own timer – every minute that passes in another minute towards a healthier, happier you. ⏱
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Distraction Thursdays: Healthy snacking

Distraction Thursday is back! One of the habits you had formed as a smoker is that of a constant hand-to-mouth gesture, so you may often find yourself itching to replace that with something that will help you stay smoke-free. Eating is the natural way to do so, and will also satisfy your cravings by bringing you pleasant flavours instead.

However, you need to do this in a healthy way! It’s often not the lack of willingness, but the lack of ideas, that makes one fall off the wagon and have potato chips and chocolate, so here are some good snack ideas to keep you both smoke-free and healthy!

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Distraction Thursdays: Puzzles!

It’s Thursday, so it’s time for another instalment of our distraction techniques and ideas. Now, when it comes to distraction, as for everything else, we’re all different, so what works for one person may not work for the other. However, that’s all the more reason to find out out about as many techniques, or ideas, as you can. Then you can try the ones that most appeal to you, and, after a while, come up with a short list of “winners”.
So let’s have a look at today’s idea!

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